Dateline July 11, 2013: Coeur D’Alene

Floating Green #14

Floating Green #14

As we entered Coeur d’Alene we were looking for a campground then noticed we were right next to the famous golf course so we turned into the gate just to take a look. We parked and headed over to the Pro shop to get some additional information, of course you cannot help but notice the famous floating green. We went to the counter and talked to one of the assistant golf professionals, she was very nice just graduated from college. She told us the rates and available times, even though the price was a bit stiff we decided we could not pass it up and set a time for the next morning at 8:50.

The staff told us a recommended camp ground so we headed off for the evening. The next morning we headed right tot he course, our “fore-caddy” met us at our “roving hotel” and put our clubs on the cart and took us over to the pro shop to check in. For those of you not familiar with golf a fore-caddy is different than a regular golf caddy because he does not carry clubs just helps give direction, look for golf balls and carry your putters (some of the time). It was a little windy but a beautiful morning so John and I were ready for the experience.

Ready to get started!

Ready to get started!

The course was in impeccable condition, there was staff hand watering all the areas except the fairways which were watered in the evening. Staff was walking down the fairways with buckets to fill in all the divots, unbelievable condition.   The golf holes were beautiful and very memorable. wow hole

What Vistas!

What Vistas!

The fairways were lined with pines, views of the lake from everywhere. The greens were flawless.

As we came down about the 6th hole out of the wood on the left cam 2 very young fawns jumping and playing. We thought they had been brought out on queue, they were so playful and cute.fawns playing

We watched then for maybe 5 minutes then out of the woods came Mom to tell them it was time to move on.fawns enough

On we continue playing golf and then it cam time for the famous 14th hole, jandj float signthe floating green. For those not familiar the length of the hole can be changed so it can



be 100 yards or 200 yards, all done by underwater lines. We played the hole and Janice hit the green, a small boat then takes you out to the green to putt. Janice then made her par. par on float The floating green is impeccable maintained and views of the lake with the sail boats is spectacular.

We completed our round and had lunch, it was a wonderful day and we were so happy we took the opportunity to play such a spectacular golf course.  Janice thought the experience, beauty of the course and condition was better than playing Pebble Beach which Janice has played a number of times.

On to Seattle our next stop.


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We are two semi retired former technology executives that enjoy traveling around the world with an emphasis on playing gof; in most cases reasonably priced courses and enjoy our passion for great local wines. We have purchased a Class B Roadtrek RV and will spend many months on the road in North America meeting many locals while enjoying their local communities and sharing our experiences with the readers of our blog: Travels with John and Janice.
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One Response to Dateline July 11, 2013: Coeur D’Alene

  1. Nancy Dunn says:

    When I saw the link to Couer D’Alene, I was hoping that you took the time to play that wonderful golf course on my bucket list. You said that Janice hit the green, what did John do? Enjoying reading all of your posts from this trip. Just got back from a cruise to Alaska myself, and remembered fondly your many posts from your trip there a few years ago. Miss you! Nancy Dunn

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