Dateline May 16, 2011 Dawson Creek, BC Mile Marker 0

Dawson Creek was a town of 600 when in 1942 the United States started building an almost 1,500 mile highway (the AlCan) to just south of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is considered one of the top civil engineering marvels of the world along with the great wall of China and Hoover Dam. Our soldiers worked in temperatures of 70 degrees below zero, some would lie down to take a nap and freeze to death During the summer they said the mosquitoes were large enough to kill some of the horses. The highway was started from both ends and met in the middle. The highway was completed in less than a year.

Downtown Dawson Creek

Our schedule was to meet the rest of the RoadTrek “RTers” in Dawson Creek May 15thto begin the trip to Alaska.

RoadTrek group at RV Park

There were 25 vehicles in the group from all parts of the country, including one couple from Hawaii. This was the first time that we had met any of the other RTers with the exception of Joan and Chuck, whom we had lunch in Florida with some months ago. The group was put together by the western RoadTreck International Chapter. There was a Yahoo site put together and over 100 people signed up to potentially join the group. Since not all made it to Dawson Creek,

Mile Marker 0 Alaskan Highway

we expect another 10 or more vans to join at one time or another. Wendell Nunes

Wendell.."The Forward Scout"

was the leader of the group and put the event together with Judy Willis Since the website was established it was all put together over the Internet. It was fun to put faces together with all the emails that flew between the group.

23 of the RoadTreks are headed north on the highway

Some of the RTs

and we along with two sisters are traveling back south and west to Prince George and then on to Prince Rupert where we have a 10:30 AM Ferry up the Inland Waterway to Juneau Alaska. Our plans are to travel from Fairbanks back down the AlCan where we can share our experiences.. We will be meeting up with the rest of the group in either Tok or Valdez the first week in June.

Off to Prince Rupert, back on the blog in Juneau!!


About johnandjanice

We are two semi retired former technology executives that enjoy traveling around the world with an emphasis on playing gof; in most cases reasonably priced courses and enjoy our passion for great local wines. We have purchased a Class B Roadtrek RV and will spend many months on the road in North America meeting many locals while enjoying their local communities and sharing our experiences with the readers of our blog: Travels with John and Janice.
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One Response to Dateline May 16, 2011 Dawson Creek, BC Mile Marker 0

  1. Franz & Janis says:

    Looks like you are having a great time….certainly the best way to see the sites and meet people. Enjoy !!! Love, Franz and Janis

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