Dateline April 11, 2011 Honolulu Airport

Aloha Hawaii!!!

The purpose of the trip to Hawaii was our nephew Clay Trauernicht’s wedding. It was also fun for us because we had the pleasure of meeting Talia and her wonderful parents, Rachael and Bernie last year when we were in Melbourne Australia. We spent several evenings together and had a blast. Clay was/is working on his PHD at the university in Hobart Tasmania and fortunately was in Melbourne the same time that we were.

Clay is John’s nephew, his sister Carols’ son and the oldest of the Wilson grandchildren. Sorry Nick, we did drive there in the RV and that is the story we are sticking to (ha)..

Lovely wedding on the north shore of Oahu, great are a few family pictures

Bride and Groom and Parents

(not to bore everyone that is not family).

Bride and groom with the grooms family and uncles

We headed over to the Big Island (Hawaii) for a week with the Wilson family.  We visited Akaka Falls, they were spectacular.

Akaka Falls

We kayaked a few miles in Kealakekua Bay, to Captain Cooks Monument.

At the beach Kealaakekua Bay

at a beach,  well it was a bunch of lava rocks, and went snorkling.

It was beautiful I have never seen so many colorful fish   in one place.

Beautiful yellow fish at Captain Cook Monument

John and I did OK given neither of us had kayaked in years.

Flying home today, for those of you that did not know we are heading back to Florida to pack up our house into PODS and store our belongings..we have sold our house so we are now homeless!!!

More news when we continue our adventure the end of April!!


About johnandjanice

We are two semi retired former technology executives that enjoy traveling around the world with an emphasis on playing gof; in most cases reasonably priced courses and enjoy our passion for great local wines. We have purchased a Class B Roadtrek RV and will spend many months on the road in North America meeting many locals while enjoying their local communities and sharing our experiences with the readers of our blog: Travels with John and Janice.
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